Functions of the Family Sociology

Functions of the Family Sociology

The other two functions are socializing the young and meeting its embers economic needs such as food and shelter. If families perform these functions within society then it is positive. However there are criticisms of Murderous view on the family. Marxist and Feminists argue that functionalism neglects conflict and exploitation. Feminists see the family as exploiting and oppressing women because of the patriarchal system within families. Marxist argue that the family is exploded within society because of capitalism dominating society.

More so, the functionalist perspective on the family is supported by the sociologist Parson. He distinguishes between two types of families and two types of societies, the nuclear family and extended and the pre-industrial society ND industrial. Parsons view of the family performing essential functions is that it depends on what type of society it is found on. The industrial has essential needs such as the geographical mobile workforce.

This is when HTH nuclear family is best suited for industrial society because of society being industrialized more over the year. In the pre-industrial society families used to live in an sentenced family as most of them lived on farms, forever as there were more new jobs created by society industrialist’s people had to move to another part of the country or the world which made nuclear families more dominant within society. Parson also argues that by society industrialist’s ad modernizing families do not change their structure loose their functions.

So the nuclear family is essential for two functions which are the primary solicitation of the children and stabilization of adult personalities. In contrast to this view there are many criticisms on the functionalist perspective of the family. Item A refers to, ‘Marxist and Feminists reject its consensus assumptions about who benefits from the family. ‘ Marxist sociologists argue that the society is run on capitalism which makes women the oppressors of the family.

This is because of the ruling class emerging in industrial society brought with it the ruling men and the patriarchal monogamous family which exploited women. The Marxist sociologists argue that only if capitalism is overthrown then women will not be toileted anymore as there will be no ruling class within society. Furthermore, feminists disagree with the functionalist view on the family. Firstly, liberal feminists argue that women’s position in society has improved because of laws such as The Sex Discrimination Act 1975.

Even though women have still not got full equality three position witnessing has changed over the years. Secondly, Marxist feminists argue that women are exploited not because of men but capitalism. Through capitalism they are exploited in many ways such as they absorb anger, reproduce the labor force and are a reverse army of cheap labor. Thirdly, radical feminists believe that mean are exploiters and oppressors of women and marriage is a key institution of this as women are under men’s control.

They argue that the family should be abolished and this will be the only way women will achieve equality. Lastly, difference feminists argue that there are different types of situations for different women’s from different backgrounds, such as black, white, Asian, lesbians, heterosexual and many more. This makes it harder to generalize about the exploitation of women. However other insists argue against this view, they believe that women share many of the same felling because they o through same situations such as domestic violence, low pay and many more.

To conclude, the functionalist perspective on the family only looks at the positive side rather than the negative so we do not know about the bad side of the family. However Marxist and Feminists do not look at the positive side of the family. The functionalists have contributed to make sure society understands the family and households but this is only a small minority Of just nuclear and extended and not other types of families such as lone parent and reconstituted.

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