Fuctionalism as sociology

Fuctionalism as sociology

They believe society is made up of different parts and use a biological analogy and compare the running of society to the human body and all of the parts must function must work together like a body needs the earth and brain etc to work together in perfect harmony. Functionalists view each system in terms of what it does for society as a whole I. E school prepares people for work by teaching them that there will always be someone to tell them what work they have to do and what rules to follow.

George Morocco argued that nuclear families were the best type and were an irreplaceable part Of society. They perform 4 key functions Of reproduction- reproducing children so that as the older generation dies a new one is reared. Economic-family support like food shelter water. Educational;family teaches the norms and values to be a productive citizen-sexual-provides sexual gratification within a relationship rules about sex protect young people.

However Morocco’s views of the nuclear family are often disputed as in modern day society people have children and sex outside of marriage, welfare benefits support people who can’t support themselves and schools are also agents of education and solicitation some people accuse Morocco f ignoring family diversity Tailcoat parsons argues that the nuclear family has lost many of its functions as care homes look after elderly and schools educate children but the family still has two basic functions primary solicitation the first stage of solicitation where children are taught basic things like how to speak and the second function is the stabilization of adult personalities because they can relax with their family to calm them down and release them from the strain of work.

He believed men have an instrumental ole means being a breadwinner and women have an expressive role this means looking after the home and the family feminists argue that these views are sexist. Marxism is both a structural and macro theory much like functionalism however Marxism is also a conflict theory this is the complete opposite of functionalism which is a consensus theory which believes society is based on harmony whereas conflict theories believe that society is based on conflict Marxism also has positive views of the nuclear family and are also accused of ignoring family diversity Feminism is also a structural and macro theory but again it is a conflict theory unlike functionalism they think functionalist family views are sexist,ignore domestic abuse family diversity and the dark side of family life.

New right thinkers are much like functionalists also see the family as important and the nuclear family as the best type and also think traditional family values like lifelong marriage and recognition Of parental duty and responsibility In conclusion functionalism tends to be too idealistic painting a rosy unrealistic picture of modern family life however nuclear families are an undeniably integral part of society today and do stabilize society and perform key functions and so far have proven the most successful type of family in terms of security and bringing up children-Single mother families are becoming a norm and with cohabitation taking place before marriage and women’s financial position becoming stronger as they are not dependent men so the nuclear family may no longer be a necessity.

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