Exam Sociology of Gender Winter Mini

Exam Sociology of Gender Winter Mini

It was inherited from Europe. It “represents a dignified aristocratic manhood, committed to the British upper-class code of honor and to well- rounded character, with exquisite tastes and manners and refined sensibilities. ” With this type of manhood it meant you had property ownership and authority at home. It was a big deal to have moral instruction over his sons as well. Love, kindness, duty, and compassion were a few of the characteristics as well as engaging in philanthropic work, activities at the church, and deep involvement with his family.

Second was the Heroic Artisan type of manhood. This type of manhood had characteristics that were of independence, virtuous, and honesty. Very well mannered with women and loyal to his male comrades that was a hard worker with self-reliance and honesty. Last, there was the wealthy entrepreneur. This was the representation of the “SELF-MADE MAN. ” He “modeled manhood that derived identity entirely from a man’s activities in the public sphere, measured by accumulated wealth and status, by geographic and social mobility. ” The “self- made man” was “Mr..

Smooth” and linked to volatile marketplace. Although, the “self-made man” was not always in America, it came from France. They came to dominate pretty quickly though. The self-made man” seemed to be born at the same time of his country. ” There were many changes and this was due to political, social, and ideological shifts. Another way the “self-made man” was defined was on his “success in the market, individual achievement, mobility, and wealth, this made him embody economic autonomy. -?The manhood of the rising middle class.

The belief came that “success must be earned, manhood must be proved. ” There was and still is an equal opportunity to either succeed or fail. This made for restlessness amongst the middle-class man, tried to be “an anxious achiever that was constantly driving. ” The “self-made man” triumphed over the other two forms Of manhood, but they were still there and some men show the characteristics of them today. Politics and culture were soon filled with the “self-made man” and he was now dominant in the American conception of manhood. The “self- made man” transformed the nation. Live the major crises in masculinity were those after the war, adjusting to industrialization, how they became obsessed with the gym being viewed as masculinity by their appearance and the avoiding being a “sissy. ” Different social conditions brought each other these about. After the war, there were not jobs and there were even some veterans being frowned upon with their metals of honor. They had trouble adjusting back because before they left their families counted on them to be the breadwinner and to take care of the house, but when they came back they had learned out to take care of the household and do jobs that the men were doing.

This threatened their manhood by not being able to provide and be depended on. I believed this caused masculinity to decline in this sense for some of the veterans, but masculinity grew from this because after the war the men wanted to make ere that they were being great fathers, especially to their sons. Another change was the men adjusting to industrialization. Their masculinity Was threatened by this because they machines were coming in and doing their jobs. They again, did not feel needed and this affected their masculinity.

They wanted to remain in control and this was a struggle for many of the men. As well as when women were welcome into the workforce, it was hard for them to take one. I think a big one is the whole one about men being obsessed with looking masculine from their physical features to avoid being called a sissy or wimp. Feel like this made a form of masculinity that is negative. Men are trying to fit into a “norm” that not all men fit into because they have different beliefs and interests.

Yet, they will go to the gym and work out to fit in and seem to be masculine to their peers, but they still like the more feminine things. Especially how they talked about the gay been being one way in one place and another way in another; and also looking more masculine so he “could fit in”. I believe masculinity is constantly changing in the views of some people, but with most men they will always associate manhood and assaulting with big muscles and having control of themselves, their families, in the workplace and their property. Live that the effects that growing subordination and consumer-based economics have had on definitions of masculinity is that how it is shown in sports and politics and how they affect masculinity. Men see things in media, magazines, television shows, or during sports games and think that is how a masculine man acts or looks just a women do the same, but with models and such. This newer shift in masculinity expressed itself in terms of sexuality, race and gender relations by there being more Of open minded men in seeing efferent forms of masculinity and the changes that can be made in masculinity.

Although, some men have a phobia of having anything to do with something that would be considered feminine or sissy, others now take part in it. Such as being a stay at home father while their wife is the breadwinner or taking care of themselves and their bodies by going and getting facials and pedicures regularly. Believe that masculinity is shared among all sexualities, races and genders in different ways. These three can view masculinity very differently depending on their backgrounds and beliefs.

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