Environmental Sociology Service Learning

Environmental Sociology Service Learning

The service learning project was actually a really fun experience building the Cob shed that was made up of all natural materials. I actually got to build the Cob shed on a Sunday it was very sunny outside. Another significant thing that about building the Cob Shed is that, I had the opportunity to do it with two of my best friends. These two individuals are Rodney and Chris Clark both of these men live with and over the past four years I’ve built I relationship with them and two of my other roommates that I wouldn’t replace for anything.

The reason why We built the Cob shed Was to give the kids from Dennis to store their tools for their garden right behind the Alumni building. We organized by separating the grain from the rocks by placing the sand the filter-like-gate removing the sand and grain and leaving the rocks on top of the console. After we separated those materials we added in some sand and merged the sediment materials together. Then we added water to the two materials, this forced the sediment materials to bond. After the water was added to the mixed up sediment you were forced to take your shoes and socks off.

As you stomped on the muddy sediment with some added water and forced merging through the pressure of feet and water. Simultaneous to doing all of this you are adding hay to your muddy chalklike Cob. You look at the substance that you created and you have clay like material then you fold your tarp over “taco style” ;ice. You should know start seeing your chalklike material now turn into a Pod like piece a clay. So you roll up your sleeves and break off pieces of the Cob then slamming against the tarp. After repeating that procedure about 6 to 8 times depending on size of the Cob pod you reared.

Next you go drag your Cob pieces that you created to in the vicinity of the Cob shed. Next, you form an assembly line and one by one you pack Cob onto the Shed. Then you implement glass bottles in the mist of putting another Cob layer on the Shed. You repeat this process about 3 or four times that takes a decent amount of time. Finally, you rinse your hands and feet off with the hose because your feet and hands are covered with Cob. Shake everyone’s’ hands that participated in the building of the Cob shed that day and return to you day.

Overall building the Cob shed was a great experience and every time come back to Million for as long as it’s standing could say I helped build something in Decatur. 2. There plenty Of activities and lectures that stick out to me that pertain to the service learning activity. The service learning project I believed that by building a Cob shed out of all natural materials. Was a step toward building more things out of natural products we didn’t integrate a lot of real materials that when being built or processed.

Attribute to the burning of lot fossil fuels cause the amount of machinery it takes to build something with such heavy materials. In an article we read in class it talked about how big businesses were making smaller countries suffer because of their continued use of raw materials. If bigger business would adopt using a material like Cob when there building things not only would it be cheaper for the company. It would conserve energy and you wouldn’t have to burn fossil fuels. Especially with the climate change that is taking place in the world because of global warming.

Global warming is directly linked to burning of fossil fuels and the ever production of businesses. With the Cob shed you don’t have pollute the environment because it doesn’t use energy. Another thing that contributes to the building of Cob sheds is that it is very climate friendly. Meaning that when it is hot outside the Cob shed stays cool but when it is cold outside the Cob shed retains heat without any real heating or cooling system being implemented by motor. This alone would help with climate change because if you never had to turn on your air condition when it is hot then you wouldn’t use as much energy in a day.

You also wouldn’t have to use he heat because of how well the Cobs’ insulates itself. The burning of raw materials would decline heavily if houses and buildings were made up of Cob. 3. The environmental justice issue that sticks out to me the most would have to be the over use of freshwater in the United States. I couldn’t believe the how businesses were just dumping hazardous materials around the world. This consequently would get into the water through the runoff effect and hinder the people of the neighboring towns. Why? The ways that people are being infected are ignorant to the fact that this happening to them.

You could simply be exposed through ingesting, bathing in the hazardous waste or simply just washing your hands. The people that are usually affected by these shenanigans are the lower income families. That can’t really afford to have the water checked or even afford a water checking instrument. The abundant race of that suffers the most from this in America is the African American race. Some of the individuals are poorly educated and simply are just ignorant to the fact that there water they use is contaminated. This information is known by all the big businesses so in their eyes it’s all about asking money.

We all know that the United States is the home of the crooks of the world always has been always will be. The service learning project really helped me realize how greedy people are on every day basis and being ignorant to it is not even an excuse. How could we continually just exterminate our environment without any change is taken? It also helps me realize that real reason why Cob is not used is out of pure laziness of the human race. The environmental justice issue that took was alerted by is that if we don’t change our ways either by not burning raw trials or contaminating fresh water in small neighborhoods.

If we don’t have change in the way we live we won’t have a planet to live in on eventually because we would have stripped the planet of its natural materials. 1. Well the service learning project help me realize that I need to take steps myself in daily to help the environment. Things that I could do that would help the environment would be to not buy bottle water and/or either by a Britain or just drink from the water faucet. Another thing I could do unplug my laptop charger and pod charger from the sockets instead of leaving them.

Another thing I could do is not raise my heat to 82 degrees and keep it around 70 degrees although I don’t decide the temperature of the house on my own. I’m sure after explaining why you’re changing the thermostat. I could also stop buying from the big companies that mainly attribute to the problems like Cutbacks. Read in article that Cutbacks attributes to over 40% of plastic waist that is produced by the United States. Well by building the Cob shed that service learning project helped me realize that we could build more things out of natural materials.

That doesn’t require s much energy to create and is just as durable as the materials that harm the environment when they are produced. The amount of natural materials that are used to create the materials that are used to build most of the buildings and houses that we see now are harming the environment. Like the amount of deforestation that has taken place in the IIS is ridiculous. Well we the production raw materials being used is contributing to global warming as well using and burning fossil fuels that continue to then out our ozone layer making it easier for the zone rays to reaches the Earth.

This would Often attribute to the increasing the rate of skin cancer in my hometown and droughts that take place in Chicago. After taking this sociology course I am well aware of how bad we treat our environment. Going into this class I didn’t think that I would actually be interested or enticed by anything that I would learn? But again was wrong because if you could help change or improve something why wouldn’t you do it? Feel like you would be a naturally evil person to do something like that to yourself and everyone else. Something that will do in the future is that will start recycling plastics and other trials.

I will not let the water run for 10 minutes before actually getting into the shower. I would not just flush things down the toilet but just rather take it to the trash or recycle the material. Well I know that when have children I will instill great ecological thoughts within them. Letting them know what is wrong and right while just teaching those daily habits that would be beneficial to the environment and hopefully they adopt the same morals and the trickle effect takes place. All in all this class was a joy to take and I would advise other to take this class.

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