Discuss possible sociology explanations for the riots

Discuss possible sociology explanations for the riots

What has society today has turned into? The people who Were rioting, felt like they weren’t being listened to. This gave them a voice against the police to prove, they should have the same power as them. The riots would give them something to shout out their feelings towards the police and show their anger. This shows that they feel they are not getting justice resulted in causing a scene of violence and people lives were lost and many injury. The relationships within communities prove how different they are between the police and the people.

The riots proved to everyone that nobody had respect for one another proving a dispute of riots and causing harm to one another. It is something to get their angry out on each other showing how they are not listening to one another, and not getting anywhere as the rioters felt unfairness and empowered by the police. The majority of people involved in the riots were young people. Young people are their behaviors all their own fault? This makes the media question if parents are to blame for the bad behavior of their children not teaching them right from wrong.

This seems to say that what these people were doing in the riots were right. Leading to question parents how well they really have brought up their children and letting them get involved and maybe they don’t now any different. Making us think society today is broken and has parenting really gone out of the window. That we’ve let things slip and this is the result of it? This leads us to thinking about the social networking which helped more people know and about and other activities been organized over these. Blackberry messenger was used by looters to organized their activities.

This lead to massive gatherings and the connectivity individuals had to communicate with others during the riots. It helped many others contact millions of people and pass the message on with a click of a button. This dad it difficult for authorities to track the rioters movements and what they were planning on doing. Twitter another social networking site was the encouragement of gang violence also send tweets of revolt. It was also where civilians want their voices heard. People also posted pictures during the riots showing people the atmosphere of the it.

So this was the communication for the riots and giving people reasons to get involved as it seem like it was a bit of fun. Although it is speculated to be about Mark Duggan shooting. There had been students protested about the universities fees going up with led to part f the involvement in the riots. This would seem the more unlikely people to get involved and cause them to get into trouble. They felt the same way as the unemployed as the actions of the governments. It made them feel their were no opportunities.

The riots are when they took their revenge to cause chaos for them. This was the same across Britain. However not all wanted to do it making people wanting to join in as the peer pressure they could of possibly felt. People who knew it Was Wrong still joined in, proving the pressure they felt from their friends. This would make people do it to show off to there friends. The people involved in the riots were mainly male, this suggest something towards us as so many of these were young youths, perhaps it suggests that these do not have a father role to teach them right from wrong.

Its a crisis of masculinity that these boys never had anybody to look up to. That their families were not complete they had a mother and maybe no father roles to raise them. This be a reason as they do not know any different and have no male role model to look up to, and perhaps the people they look up to are the older males around them in gangs and introduce them into it and are taken in by their vulnerability. As we see there is several reasons behind the riot and the rioters, but the blame isn’t all there fault.

Britain is a society itself and there is a massive crack down the middle dividing them into two. The riot was the cause of them not listening to each other. It makes all of us think individual and how the impact we all have on each other and the things we say and do have an affect on somebody else. Society is dividing in so many ways and people not listening to each causes violence to get each others voices heard and the power each has makes an importance, makes us questions what society has turned into.

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