Desert island sociology essay

Desert island sociology essay

You need food to stay alive ND to get energy which you will need a lot of if you are spending a lot of the time working (doing walking and gathering. ) The third most important thing is shelter. Shelter is important because having shelter can protect you from things like bad weather but also and animals that may want to eat/harm you. Shelter should be easy to make if we have a few good builders with us as this island has loads of strong green plant which would be perfect for making the roof,floor and walls and there is a lot of high trees to put the shelter in to protect you from what may be on the ground.

The fourth most important hinge you need is weapons. You will need weapons for a lot of things like killing animals to eat for food,to defend yourself against anything that may want to hurt and to help you cut any trees/branches down in order to make more room for everyone. These weapons can be made from strong wood,strong green plant,sharp stones and anything that is sharp that can be used as a bow for the bow and arrow. The last thing that is not really essential but really helps is having people who have a good knowledge of survival skills so they can help everyone else survive with their knowledge.

How the various survival tasks and everyday work will be organized. All the everyday survival tasks and work will be sorted by the adults old enough to work-Working together the adults decide who will be doing what with them all agreeing with each other. If for one reason there is only one adult for a certain task (for example diving down and collecting certain things from the jet) then they will have to be forced to do the task and if they refuse they will get their share of food and water taken away from them so that will make them do it.

If there are any chefs/high quality cookers on board they ill have to do all the commemorating sure food is okay and preparing of food just to make sure that the food they eat is cooked properly and to make sure that we should be eating this type of food and that we won’t get food poisoning and preparing the food to make sure anything harmful is taken out Of it and that it s safe to eat.

Any families with 1-3 children will be advised to take in some children who are here without their parents because they traveled alone and when they get there they would really need comfort of mum/dad so to make sure they are fully cared for and looked after so they an grow up without any problems except probably missing parents from homeland young adults doing can do the collecting of food from either hunting animals for their meat ,collecting fruit from the tree or fishing in the sea to get fish because if you are younger you are most likely to be more active,fit and healthy whereas some of the older adults may not be but if some older adults are particularly good at hunting then they may do it as well if there is nothing special that they need to do. If teachers/high graded adults are available they will teach all of the children everything that they really need o know. (Things that they may need to know is how to gather fruits/fish,hunt for animals meat,calculate how to share out food equally etc. They will need to be taught this because the future generation of this island need to know how to care for themselves and how to keep alive so they can obviously survive but then help other people in the future to make sure everyone is kept going. Lastly you need people who are good at building or making strong roofs,floors and walls using plants,wood or anything strong that they may find so you can get some kind of shelter from any harsh weather and any animals that may try to attack you. How decisions are going to be made. The decisions are going to be made by everyone as a community, there will be no leader and everyone will have an equal say but if some people want one decision and some people want another decision the larger amount if people who choose on one decision win it unless later on it shows it was the wrong decision which then it will be changed to the other one. F people make a huge fuss about some decisions and won’t calm down a reasonable leader who had good knowledge Of survival may be put in to help calm the situation ND to keep things moving and then later on if no leader is needed they will not have one. But if people continue fighting and start hurting one another they will be forced to go with the decision that has been made final or pay the price of not getting their equal share of food and water which means they have a less chance of surviving which may make them not fight with people or being made to do more work than some people until they decide to stop fighting and so they get along with everyone. How children are going to be looked after.

Children are going to be looked after in many ways the first way is to have a rusher for the children (aged 4-13) to be looked after with parents who have good skills with children so the children are looked after better (this is for children whose both parents are working so they can’t look after them,another way is school. School will make sure that all children are looked after and it also assures that the children will get a good education without the parents worry. Elf the parents doesn’t want their child/children to go to school they don’t have to but it means that there child may die earlier than any other child because they haven’t got as many life skills.

Any new babies hat may be born will be looked after by a certain select of adults who monitor the baby nearly all the time to make sure that it survives through each day unharmed. When the children get to 18 they can start working full time doing things that every other adult is doing but children aged 14+ may have to do simple tasks such as collecting fruit from trees and maybe other jobs if there is not enough adults. How family life will be organized. Family life will be organized so that each parent who has a child will get to see him/her every day so the children don’t miss the parents as much. For the hillier who are now orphans some families will have to take some children in so they are not lonely and so they don’t have to defend for themselves in this new environment.

If small families refuse to take in any orphans they won’t be forced to take them in because it is their own right to how many children they have but what they won’t get is as much food as a bigger family because there is much less often. If there are still orphans who haven’t been adopted a home may be built for them all to life in together and single adults will be allowed to look after them so single parents that never had the chance o have a baby will now have some to look after. Family life will almost be exactly how it was at home for the families except that the adults will be working more than normal so they don’t see their children as much as they normally would. How to share the things people need and want. They will not be equal shares of food/drink.

This is because people who have a disability or that can’t work do not need as much energy because they are barely doing anything whereas the workers will need more energy because they will burn off more energy than an adult not working because they are walking/climbing more. Children will also need more energy than an not working adult because they have higher metabolisms and they will have to walk to school and function there so a lot of energy will be used up as well. Also the people working actually deserve more food because they are having to do more tiring work everyday and if a person who just sitting around all day gets the same amount of food as them it will not be fair so people working deserve to get more. How to organism leisure and religious activities. Leisure and religious activities will be sorted after all the essential stuff that needs to be done.

In this new community for leisure activities you will be allowed to go out mire out at sea to swim in the water also on the land there will be some people who are quite fit to do some aerobics/yoga exercises or meditation to calm everyone down after a hard days at work if they want to. Chider can also get their daily exercise by doing daily jobs like gathering fruit if they are old enough and if they are not then they can still run about when they have a break at school. A boxing punch bag will also be made so people who want to let out all their anger can do it on that and not other people. For the religious activities there will be a church built and a service in there every Sunday from a priest but the church will always be open for people to go into pray if they want to.

People will not be aloud days of work despite their religion unless they don’t want food for that day. Conflict in the new community. Some groups that may come into conflict is first of all the children. Different groups of from different family may start having fights with each other as children are still growing and don’t have proper controls over their emotions yet, to sort this the teachers will try and keep the both groups away from ACH other at all times and if at one point fighting does break out then they will have to stop it straight away so no child gets hurt badly. Some other groups that may come into conflict is people with different beliefs on what should happen on this island and what the rules are.

What they may start to do is first of all start shouting at each other loudly before it gets out of hand and they start throwing punches which I’d first of all setting a bad example for the kids and secondly making the situation worse as they are adults and should be able to control threshers and not fight as they are fully grown. To top this conflict they will be pulled away from each other and will have to stay at either end of where they are working and if they fight to badly they will have to do more work as an extra chore instead of jail. How to deal with people who break the rules. People who break the rules will have to deal with the price of either getting some or all of there food taken away so they may become ill because they have no food/drink and then that will hopefully make them obey the rules quicker so they can get there essentials back.

Another thing they may need to do if they break the rules is they will have to simply do more work for a retain time whether it is for a day,week or month they may have to do this if they have been fighting with people or stealing food/drink from other people or where it is kept. If any children take any food and they are too young to understand they will get sternly told that stealing is bad and that they shouldn’t do it again and then send them of and because it may be a bit scary for them being told of they will hopefully not do it again this will be the same with the old people except the old people will get shouted at more as they are older and can handle being shouted at more than children.

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