Approaches in Sociology

Approaches in Sociology

Examples of these basic assumptions: * 4. Why Should Care about Theory? Explanation from the Dalton Conley (Link): * Symbolic Interactions- Society is essentially a set of daily interactions that are guided by symbols Conflict -society is the competition of a few groups of people for scarce resources Structural Functionalism-society is an Organic being Of interrelated parts that work together in harmony. Three Major Perspectives * 6. Three

Perspectives Visualized Believes that sociology Macro reproductive Major Tenets should enact Micro Focus: social change: Society is an Structural organic whole No Institutionalism of stable parts Society is a set of groups Conflict competing for Yes Macro power and resources Society is the sum of daily Symbolic interactions No Microinstructions guided by symbols * 7. Structural Functionalism;Popularized by Nonrepresentational Tailcoat Parsons in the sass’s;Society is a estrangement’s of parts that pettifogger;Socio is glued together bashed values Tailcoat

Parsons, 1902-1979;Each part contributes to advertorial function;Macro-level focus * 8. Structural Functionalism Visualized Religion Judicial Education System Society The Family * 9. Real World Application: Functionalist Perspective and Marriage traditional family structure in which the husband was breadwinner and the wifeliness children and dispossessed was ‘functional’. Men could earn more incommoded women were interchangeably at childcare and thus,the traditional family stockbreeder. * 10.

The Conflict Perspective;originated with the Creationism’s/ Astoria Karl Marx,the ‘father of communism’;Social groups (I. E. Workers individualists, men and women)struggle for scarce resources power;Conflict is normal, stability Andover are not Karl Marx, 181 8-1883;Macro-level focus * 11. Conflict Perspective Visualized Men Women European Racial Americans minorities Workers Management Heterosexuals LIGHT * It downplays women’s contributions in domestic worktops model demonstrates that men have the upper hand in society It reduces potential competition from women in the labor market 12.

Real World Application: Conflict Perspective and Marriage male breadwinner model benefits men in 2 ways (among others): * 13. Symbolic Interactions;Micro-level analysis Of society;Society is ‘played out’ thoroughfare interactions between people;People interact through shareholder’s (physical ones intangible ones like bodybuilding) which gives meaning unsocial interactions;All reality is based on shared Herbert Plumber, 1900-1 subjective agreement * 14.

Symbolic Interactions Visualized Text your You Husband Smile at and Wife friend the barista suspend about the at the to your Talk sale at the coffee shop Gap boss’s email Society Give up Move to the You greet your seat next lane on Your on the bus highway for Tuck the neighbor for the the car on exit children on the way elderly ramp into bed to work woman * 15.

Real World Application: Symbolic Interactions and Moralistically interactions would suggest that couples negotiate their particular roles. Through verbal and non-verbal interactions, they can negotiate things and how many children they will eave;How domestic chores should be split; How will they divide time for themselves from twentieth other couples and friends * Who ICC perspective believes that society is comprised of interlocking parts?

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